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French Careers In India

Many people before learning any language have this big doubt about the career advantages and i can assure you that learning french will surely help you to get a steady career in various fields. In this article i would like to bring up few facts about careers and career counseling tips for you guys so that you can have a better plan about your french careers.

First thing we should understand that french is a language spoken around the world and it is also one of the official languages spoken in the UN, therefore french is a widely connected language. There are not many people who are learning this language but requirements are high. From big MNCs to a normal teaching job, people are looking for candidates who are well versed in french language. Not only this, companies in France are also looking for candidates who know to speak good French and English for teaching and translation purposes.

In India, Foreign language experts are in full demand. Many companies are looking for candidates who have a good understanding of french language, cultures and little bit of history. French teachers are full in demand and people are ready to pay in thousands to learn this language. Coming to the Indian government, French language experts are full in-demand for translating, economic progress and communicating french diplomatic files in increasing bilateral relationship with France and other countries including the UN. Below are few career choices which you can choose.

Few Known career choices for french

Diplomatic Service Professional
Language Diplomat for Government
Foreign Language Trainer/ Teacher
Translator for MNCs & Government
Research Associate
French Web Content Writer
French Travel Documentary
News Translators
Tourist Guide
Air Hostess
French Blogger
French Culture and language expert
Hotels Attendant
Search Engine Language Expert
Freelance Writer, Translator, Interpreter
Public Relation Officer
Travel Desk

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  1. Hello Sir I am Manish Kumar.I Have Competed Delf A1 And Still Learning .I Want To Do Job In Translator And tourist Guide. Please Suggest Me . How Can I Find This Job