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About Namaste French


French is a beautiful and an elegant language and our people here love it. With the straight passion and to make the language more accessible to larger audience in India, we decided to make this website which should help you to learn the language of love very easily and elegantly. The desi version of this website includes teams used in Indian English translated into french which will help you to speak french easily.

Namaste French, as the name suggest it is a welcoming gesture to learn french and with an Indian touch to it, we have become the first and the only website in India to be oriented towards our own language. In the near future we would try to bring in Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and other Indian language translation in french so that we fill up the gap between languages.

Namaste French has an excellent team of webmaster and french mistress and the combination of both has created this amazing website which is user friendly as well as easy to access. Our goal is to make french language more accessible in India and with that faith we will give our heart and soul to teach you french in a very easy and an effective way.

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