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About the Author and French Teacher Komal

Miss. Komal (French Language Expert)
Miss. Komal (French Language Expert)
Namaste, I am Miss Komal, your teacher cum friend who will teach you French language as well as learn more things in French myself. I know it’s a random way to start but let me give you a brief introduction about myself. I have battled and got my bachelor’s degree in a field which I am not interested in however I have done my French from Alliance Française and from Bangalore University. The greatest ambition of my life is to become a fun loving teacher of French who will go beyond syllabus to teach much more interesting things about French and its culture and of course not only studying French but applying the language and its culture in your own lifestyle. That is the only spirit which made me start this awesome website. A site which will help you learn the French language easily with free notes and you don’t have to pay us anything, the only request is to share it with your friends. Also for your comfort and as I am an Indian, I have made this site completely desi so that my friends who are desi can enjoy learning this amazing language. Also for people who are looking to take up French as a career, you can also use this site. You can surely contact me on komal@namastefrench.in and ask me any questions and I would be happy to teach you the same. So nothing more to tell, Enjoy speaking the language of love. 


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